gey selfie in glamorous bathroom light
disclaimer: not this fresh in rl
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hi mr fox

last night my lovely boyf and i stepped outside the house to find this hungry little creature at first very still in the shadows, then growing more curious and curious until it was brave enough to come near us.
we rewarded it with some yum salmon. At first a little shy, and then getting a bit more confident probably knowing we didn’t mean him any harm. 
He ate from my hand and dashed away from Noah’s ballsy small kitten which jumped at the fox any chance it got. It was funny to watch, the fox seemed a bit taken aback at first but then didn’t let the cat keep him from getting more gourmet grub.
this was one of the most rewarding experiences/ something i’ll never forget, I’ve only dreamed of coming this close into contact with a little fox, and last night this humble creature was millimetres away from touch
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-.-”  oh no you dii(d)n’t
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blue blue
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i think this is the more accurate state of my hair, it’s a little more vibrant like on the left hand side (i know the contrast is upped there lol and it’s kinda cheating) but as you can see before, the camera is really weird about picking up the colour
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Anonymous asked:
pls baby u beautiful sea urchin give me tha picz

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i also made a gif of myself breathing
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foxprince did muh hair. I have now moved into the world of tumblr
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Anonymous asked:
<p>Aesthetics mean nothing to me. OMG SHE&#8217;S SO BEAUTIFUL GO TO HER TUMBLR TO SEE WHY I LOVED HER OMG. what?</p>


It’s just a general “She’s so fucking beautiful.”

But you couldn’t possibly understand until you actually have met her in person, her personality, her everything. You have no idea how beautiful Zita is, inside and out. In every single way. She’s just perfection impersonified. As simple as. 


AWWWWWWW omg :333

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